The Top Questions About Spoonie Jewellery Answered!

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top questions about spoonie jewellery answered

What is a "spoonie"?

Why do you make jewellery about "spoonies"?

Do I have to be a "spoonie" to like or wear your designs?

These are common questions we am often asked in brooch facebook groups or at markets. Today we're going to myth bust the idea of a spoonie, the ethos of why PainfullyPretty was created, and why you don't have to be a spoonie to enjoy our designs! 

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What is a "spoonie"?

A spoonie is a community term for someone living with a chronic illness or disability. The term ( aneolgism, for your word nerds out there) was coined by blogger Christine Miserando all the way back in 2003 to describe what it's like to live with chronic pain. Being a spoonie, and the "spoon theory" went viral and has become shorthand for the illness and disability community.

As writer Emily Band explained in her article on the spoon theory for The Guardian,

"The basic idea is that you have a limited number of spoons available for the day and each action will cost a given number of them – the more demanding the task, the more spoons would be required. The phrase "running low on spoons" can be a useful way of communicating the need for rest to fellow "spoonies" who also use this system and to friends and family who are in the know."

So it's not surprise that a lot of PainfullyPretty early designs were actual spoons, since the spoon theory is one of the most recognisable symptoms of chronic illness.

Why do you make jewellery about "spoonies"?

PainfullyPretty started when creator Vivien, who suffers from chronic pain, stumbled across how to make laser cut jewellery. She had the skills already needed to design a vector file - and she wanted to make something cute for her fellow spoonie friends. She made a few My Uterus Is Not Cuterus brooches as a test run.

my uterus is not cuterus brooch

Vivien soon got the taste for designing, and felt there was a gap in the world of acrylic jewellery she could fill with spoonie awareness and pride. This has also grown to encompass mental health themed jewellery as well, like the Melancholia Collection.

jolene la rouge (pinup model) wearing red cameo

Do I have to be a "spoonie" to like or wear your designs?

The simple and exciting asnwer! PainfullyPretty designs jewellery with the whole brooch loving community in mind, and you will often find that our designs have hidden symbolism - which means if you just like spoons, cameos or art deco pieces, you can still wear the collection for it's pretty cute aesthetic! Lots of PainfullyPretty fans are not spoonies - we love you all equally!

Whether you're a spoonie or just an #acrylicaddict, we hope you learned something new today!


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