How To Guide: Spoonie Stitch Kit Brooches

Hello pretties! Are you a newbie to cross stitching? Do you want to get creative with the PainfullyPretty Spoonie Stitch Kits? Find detailed, step by step instructions below!

Fun fact: each Spoonie Stitch Kit comes with 2 fun patterns and instructions in a digital file as well as on an A5 card in the kit.

1. Get threading

Find the end of the thread. For the spoonie stitch kits, because the holes are large, you can use the whole skein, otherwise you can use a smaller number of threads for a finer look. To separate the thread strands, slowly pull one strand up and out until it is totally separated.

2. Thread your needle. 

Take your thread in one hand and your needle in another create a loop at the end. Pinch and insert the loop through the eye of the needle. Leave the two threads ends out on the opposite side of the needle, so that it almost looks like a backwards C shape.

3. Get stitching

Insert your needle from the bottom or back of the timber frame. Pull the thread all the way through, but not too tight. Then, cross the thread up, down or diagonally. 

Cross stitch is generally is created in horizontal rows, from left to right, but you can be flexible with this method in the frame. This creates the cross or X shape of cross stitch.

You can change colours with new threads by weaving the thread under a few stitches on the bottom/back of the frame and continue stitching.

Remember to pull the needle through the loop under the frame to make your stitches stable.

4. Finish your spoonie stitch kit 

To finish, tie off your thread on the bottom/back part of the frame.Tie a simple knot on this back side of the pattern. Finally, cut off any remaining thread after the knot.

And there you have it! Your spoonie stitch kit brooch is complete. You can wear it as a brooch, a necklace pendant (bail included with kit) or give it as a gift.

brooch stitched

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